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Subscribe before February 29th to curate and receive your Fall Box! 

Subscribe before May 31st to curate and receive your Spring Box! 

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Our Spring Box 2022

This Spring, keep away the plastic clutter and make room for curated, high-quality goodness! We have kept the idea of customization due to the overwhelmingly positive response from you.


This season we are so excited to give you a sneak peak of 6 BRAND NEW Life Without Plastic products that have not hit the store yet! We have delivered you fresh cleaning essentials, kitchen necessities, as well as all your consumables to restock your year-round needs! 


Here is how it works:

1) Subscribe below to our Quarterly Box or a One-time Box.

2) Once you are subscribed, you will be prompted to make your box selections.

3) You will be able to customize your box at your date of renewal, every 3 months. Restock your everyday consumables, and browse the new centerpiece and seasonal options! This gives you a fresh box every season.

4) If you do not make your selection by your renewal date, we will customize your box for you. It will be filled with our most popular items.

The items seen below are available for selection until May 31st!

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  Pick 1  


Our centerpiece products are some of LWP's favorites and most coveted items! These can sell out - so make your selections fast - first come first served!

Choose one Item for your box

  • Wool Insulated Organic Cotton Lunch Bag - Orange Trim

  • Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray

  • NEW! Glass Food Storage Container with Bamboo Lid


  Pick 2  


This Spring, we dont want to give you more clutter, but to provide you with the tools to make your home clean, enjoyable and simplistic!

Choose two items from this list:

  • NEW! Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish

  • NEW! 3-Pack Compostable Swedish Dish Cloths

  • NEW! Furoshiki - Reusable Cotton Wrapping Cloth - Turtles

  • NEW! Organic Cotton Waxed Bag - Snack Size

  • Wood Bottle and Dish Brush With Natural Bristles

  • Stainless Steel Sprouting Lid and Ring for Regular Mouth Mason Jars

  • Cotton and Linen Face Mask

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  Pick 2  


Our items here are products, bars, soaps and replacements. They are meant to last you until your next subscription box!

Choose two items from this list:

  • NEW! Eucalyptus and Mint Shower Steamer

  • Dilutable Laundry Bar

  • Shampoo: Citrus Scented

  • Conditioner bar: Unscented

  • Shaving Bar Soap: Lemon-lime Scented

  • Natural Lip balm in Tin - Coconut

  • Stainless Steel Straw in an Organic Cotton Sleeve with Cleaning Brush

  • 2 Packs of Alfalfa Organic Sprouting Seeds


Note: Don't be alarmed if these stay the same next season, it gives you a chance to restock!

Important information regarding our Quartely Life Without Plastic Subscription Box 

You may have noticed in the past, our offerings of a Quarterly subscription box, where you pay four times a year and receive a box every season. Unfortunately, we are no longer offering this service. Instead, we are offering for you to pick and choose a one-time box whenever you please. 

Click the link below!

One-Time Box

Best option for a trial or a gift

A great way to discover plastic-free living. Get unique and durable products that will help you to progressively switch to a life with less plastics. Great one-time gift for a birthday, an anniversary or the holidays!

US $74.95 / CAD $93.69 per box (shipping not included)
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