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2021 Fall Default box - REC - SA - P8140424 (1).jpg



2021 Fall Default box - SQUARE - SA - P8140424 (1).jpeg

Our Fall Box 2021

We have improved the concept of our box for Fall 2021 in the spirit of tailoring it to your lifestyle so you do not receive products you do not want or need.

Here is how it works:

1) Subscribe below to our quarterly box or just get a one-time box.

2) Once you are subscribed, you will be prompted to make your box selections.

3) You will be able to customize your box at your date of renewal, every 3 months. Restock your every day consumables, and browse the new center piece and seasonal options! This gives you a fresh box every season.

4) If you do not make your selection by your renewal date, we will customize your box for you. It will be filled with our most popular items. Instructions on how to choose selections are below.

The exact items in our Fall Box 2021 are available until late November.

Container options - Pick 1 - REC - SA - P8150436 .jpg .jpg

Choose the center piece of your box from three carefully curated items from our current collection or exclusive. For the Fall 2021 box you may choose between these three items:

  • Stainless Steel Airtight Container 16 cm

  • Rectangular Airtight Stainless Steel with Bamboo lid

  • Round Stainless Steel Take-Out Container with Removable Divider

Consumable options - Pick 2 - REC - SA  P8160439.jpg

We gathered a selection of plastic-free essential products you will most certainly use up in between boxes. You may choose two along these products:

  • Shampoo bar: citrus or lavender

  • Conditioner bar: unscented

  • Dilutable laundry bar

  • Soap flakes for DIY recipes

  • Shaving soap: rugged spice or lemon-lime

  • Lip balm: coconut or raspberry

  • Bamboo dish brush replaceable head

Note: These will stay relatively the same every season!

Reusable options - Pick 2 - REC - SA - P8160440.jpg

Finally, we want you to indulge in the Autumn season with a few seasonal options. You pick two from the following list:

  • Cotton beeswax food wraps

  • Adjustable juco bag

  • Organic cotton waxed flat-bottom bag

  • Natural beeswax candle in the shape of an owl

Quarterly Subscription

The most popular option

Never miss a box. Get billed every 3 months, just as the new season begins. You may pause or cancel anytime, before the renewal date of your next box. Save 15% off the one-time box price.
US $64.95 / CAD $81.19 per box (shipping included)

One-Time Box

Best option for a trial

A great way to discover plastic-free living. Get unique durable products that will help you to progressively switch to a life with less plastics. Great one-time gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement.
US $74.95 / CAD $93.69 per box (shipping not included)
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