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1. What is the content of the box?


Each Subscription Box is filled with high-quality plastic-free items ranging from durable goods to personal care items: all high quality and 100% free of plastic packaging. Some of the items are exclusive and you will be the first to have the opportunity to get them! We guarantee you will get your money’s worth of excitement and usefulness.

2. If I offer the box as a gift, is there a gift card I can provide the recipient to let him or her know it's coming?

Absolutely. Please download this PDF file. Please note that the One-Time subscription box will ship right away, so for USD boxes, order it 3-4 business days before you would like your recipient to get it. For CAD boxes, at least 7 business days. For Quarterly boxes, you will have the option to choose when you would like your first box to ship.

Buying gifts for Christmas? What a great idea! There are a few options for you:


      You may purchase the One Time Box yourself, in this case, you would customize what goes inside each box. You can put in the recipient's address for the box to get shipped to them, either before or after Christmas (for USD boxes, order it 3-4 business days before you would like your recipient to get it. For CAD boxes, at least 7 business days). If you choose to plan for after Christmas, you can provide them with our printable gift card to let them know a box is coming.


You could also purchase the Subscription Boxes and ship them to yourself earlier in December. You can then give the physical box as a gift when you wish! This would be easiest if you're seeing someone in person. You would customize what is inside each box.


You can also provide them with a gift certificate, we have them available here. This is for anything on our site, but you can use the price of our boxes (US $74.95 / CAD $93.69) and indicate what the gift is for. This would allow them to customize their own box. They would still receive our Winter 2021 box if they order it before February 28th. 

Happy gifting!

3.  Are the products in the box all vegan? All plastic-free?

They are not vegan, but they are all absolutely plastic-free including the packaging. We choose our suppliers carefully to ensure they are ethically sourced, healthy, high quality, and will either leave no trace at the end of their life cycle or have the potential to be 100% recycled or be reinserted as components in another product (circular design).

4. If I don't like one item in the box, can I return it?

Unfortunately not, unless it is damaged in which case we will happily replace it. You pick each item in your box, so it is up to you to make sure it is something you can love! An item you don't love could however be donated to someone who would absolutely love it.

5. How long does it take for the box to arrive?

After submitting your order, we will begin packing your box immediately. USD boxes will ship in 3-4 business days and CAD boxes will ship in at least 7 business days. For Quarterly boxes, you will have the option to choose when you would like your first box to ship. 

6. Can I buy just one box as a gift without doing the subscription?

Yes, absolutely. Just get the one-time purchase box. It is a bit more expensive than the subscription boxes, but you still get more value than what you pay for.

7. How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel or pause your subscription anytime by logging into your account and selecting the "subscription settings" and then the cancel option. Click here to see the instructions.

If you are on a quarterly subscription, you must cancel before the next bill date and there is no cancellation fee.

8. How does billing work? When and how?

When choosing the quarterly option, you can choose to delay your shipment and payment date. If not specified, you will be billed immediately. You get billed every 3 months after that on the anniversary date of your subscription.

When choosing the One-Time box, you will be billed immediately.

9. How and when do I make my selections for each box?

Every three months, a payment is taken, an order is created and your box ships out, this means your box needs to be customized before the next payment. The best way to know the last date to customize your box would be to log in to your subscription account HERE for US and HERE for Cad and the date is at the top. We will also send you an email 3 days before your box ship to prompt you to make your customizations. 

To make your customizations, log in. Click "Manage" on your Subscription Box and "Edit" under Update Choices. There are visual instructions here. If you do not do it in time - don't worry! We will send you our best sellers and staff picks in your box. 

10. Can I purchase a subscription for myself and a gift box for someone else in the same order?

If you would like to place orders for two different people, you must go through checkout two different times. This is how the payments are set up through Stripe. If you have two products in the same shopping cart (for example one subscription and one one-time box) in the same shopping cart, then both products will ship to the same address. This is why you need to checkout twice in this situation to assign a separate address to each product. 

11. Can I add more things from the LWP website to my box to save on shipping?

Unfortunately not. There would not be enough space in the subscription box for more items. 

12. I find that subscription boxes are wasteful and encourage overconsumption because people receive things they don't necessarily need. Why does Life Without Plastic offer a subscription box?

Our goal at Life Without Plastic is to encourage the use of less plastics in daily life through habit changes. We have curated this one-of-a-kind custom Subscription Box to only provide you with exactly what you need. This is why there are so many options to choose from! We want you to use every single thing that you receive. We want to make plastic-free living as accessible and easy as possible by showing people that there exists really high quality and cool products that can replace hundreds of more wasteful ones.

 Finally, we will make a donation to an organization fighting plastic pollution for every box we ship. This box is not for everyone and if you are already on your way to a life without plastic, you probably don't need this box. But if you know someone who doesn't know where to start to make a difference, it would be a great push in the right direction.

13. How can I contact you?

You can email us at

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