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Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Interested in Reducing Your Carbon-Footprint with an Eco-Friendly Subscription Box?

Founded in 2006, Life Without Plastic (LWP) was developed to offer the best in non-plastic products and to raise community awareness about the environmental issues created by fossil-fuel-derived plastics. From this, our creators – Chantal Plamondon & Jay Sinha, published a book – LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC, that offers a detailed guide on avoiding the use of plastic for a healthy family and the planet is now available in more than seven languages.

To facilitate the shift in consumer thinking, Life without Plastic offers a variety of non-plastic products in a plastic-free subscription box that can be sent each season or only once. Each plastic-free subscription box is customizable and offers five high-quality items for personal care or other household use, as follows –

  1. Pick a centerpiece for the eco-friendly subscription box.

  2. Next, select two products from a list of essential plastic-free items for year-round use.

  3. Pick two plastic-free items for the season in which the box is offered.

  4. Available on a seasonal (quarterly) basis @ US $64.95 or a one-time purchase for US $74.95.

For those who wish to contact us, we can be reached by telephone (888-898-0369), email, or using our online contact form. Our terms and conditions are available online.

Find Life Without Plastic on social media on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook. Life Without Plastic also offers Gift Cards, an Affiliate Program, and Wholesale Opportunities.

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