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You have until December 31st, 2019 to subscribe to our Winter Box.  Ships mid-January 2020. Our Spring Box will come out mid January.


Our Winter Box

In the winter, we spend a lot of time in our kitchen cooking warm comfort food, hosting friends and family during the many festivities and keeping warm. The box ships mid-January 2020.

In our winter box, we are offering products and tools to appreciate the joys of winter in your kitchen, plastic-guilt free!

We will surprise and delight you with our mystery gifts (now unveiled below), but you can also be assured of getting durable staples such as:

  • our stainless steel airtight food container, an essential for storing food plastic-free on the go, in the fridge or in the freezer, 

  • our amazing and unique double-bag flour bag which will keep your bulk flour in its bag, and make bulk shopping stylish,

  • a beeswax bowl cover to keep leftover fresh without the plastic chemicals from the plastic food wraps,

  • and a completely natural dishwashing brush made of wool and natural bristles.

Check out pictures of our selection below.

Unveiling the Mystery Items...

LWP-BRDISO-1P-UN 500x500 d.png
Out of Stock

Beeswax Birthday Candles

Who doesn’t cringe at the idea of toxic paraffin mixed into birthday cake icing when party candles melt onto the cake? These beeswax birthday candles made in Canada will burn cleanly and dispense a sweet fragrant beeswax smell.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.20.52 PM.png

Stainless Steel Compact Colander

Colanders nowadays are often made of plastic and they use up a ton of cupboard space. In an effort to save space and minimize plastic, we offer you this ingenious stainless steel compact colander, which can be attached to a wide array of pot sizes. This unique product made in Spain is hard to find in North America and is a great addition to your plastic-free kitchenware collection.

Dish Soap Bar

When it comes to choosing detergent, it’s best to opt for dry products. No need to pack the water used to dilute the product. It’s the water that creates the need for a plastic container. Just rub your dish brush on these bars of dish soap to create a lather and then clean your dishes with it. Simple and smart. The Winter Box 2019 included 2 bars.


Annual Subscription

The most economical option

An economical way to get started on plastic-free living. You get billed once a year and you may pause or cancel anytime before your next subscription billing cycle. Save 23% off the one-time box price. 
Total for the year, US $199.80 / CAD $259.95 for 4 boxes.
US $49.95 / CAD $64.99 per box (shipping included)

Please note that the Winter Box 2020 is sold out. The Spring box will ship mid-April 2020.

Quarterly Subscription

The most popular option

Never miss a box. Get billed every 3 months, just as the new season begins (15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December). You may pause or cancel anytime, before the cutoff date of your next box. Save 15% off the one-time box price.
US $54.95 / CAD $71.95 per box (shipping included)

Please note that the Winter Box 2020 is sold out. The Spring 2020 box will ship mid-April 2020.

One-Time Box

Best option for a trial

A great way to discover plastic-free living. Get unique durable products that will help you to progressively switch to a life with less plastics. Great one-time gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement.
US $64.95 / CAD $84.95 per box (shipping included)
SOLD OUT - One-time Box in USA
SOLD OUT - One-time Box in Canada

The Winter Box 2020 is sold out. Come back to check out our Spring Box 2020 which will become available very soon.

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