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Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha started Life Without Plastic in 2006 at a time when few people worried about the effects of plastics on their health or their environment. Through their website, they made plastic-free living easier by offering safe, healthy, eco-friendly and ethically-sourced alternatives to plastic products for everyday life. Since then, laws have been enacted around the world to ban certain types of plastics from baby products because of documented evidence that they leach toxic chemicals and can affect their development. Municipalities and governments and even the European Union have plans to ban a number of problematic single disposable plastics. Still there is a lot more work to do and the power of individual action cannot be minimized.

In a book they published in December 2017, and which has since been translated in over 7 languages, Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha offer many tips and advice on how to easily live with less plastics. They offer their knowledge and experience in the creation of this subscription box in the hope that it will help and encourage people to take small steps by discovering the many amazing and cool plastic-free products that exist out there.

To read more about Life Without Plastic and their team, visit their website.

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