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Healthy, high quality, ethically-sourced, and Earth-friendly plastic-free alternatives since 2006.

Ease your way into a life without plastic with our subscription box.


Choose a Subscription Plan

Choose between two options: a quarterly subscription or a one-time box. The deadline for the Winter 2021 Box is February 28th, 2022. If you are subscribing now, you will get the Winter Box immediately!

If you prefer to get billed just ahead of receiving each box, pick the quarterly plan. If you just want to try the box once, choose the one-time box. 


Customize your Box

Once placing your order, you will get to customize your very own box! If choosing the quarterly box, this date will become your renewal "Anniversary". Every 3 months you can go in and make your new selections! We will have new products for you to choose from, as well as some of the previous items. We then prepare your box personally with a ton of LOVE and they will be shipped to you on your renewal date.

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Enjoy Your Box

Every season you will receive a box full of things you have chosen carefully from a changing selection of curated options to help you take small steps toward a plastic-free life. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to fight plastic pollution.


LOVED my first box, and am so excited for my second! Everything was usable and high quality.

--- Jenna

Love from our members

It's so valuable to have LWP as a resource to reduce plastic in my life. I appreciate the wonderful customer service and love all the products I've received.

--- Annie

Thanks LWP, for the great products and the excellent job you are doing. I'm psyched to receive my next box!

--- Cindy

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What's in the box?

Every 3 months, on your Subscription "Anniversary" we will send you a curated selection of products that you have chosen! You will be able to fill your box with 5 high-quality, plastic-free items ranging from durable goods to personal care items: all high quality and 100% free of plastic packaging. Some of the items are exclusive and you will be the first to have the opportunity to get them! We guarantee you will get your money’s worth of excitement and usefulness.


Get $100 worth for $65.

Living plastic free doesn't have to be expensive. By ordering a subscription box you can save big:

Quarterly subscription: Savings up to USD $35

One time box: Savings up to USD $25


Shipping not Included

Choosing the best option

Choose the option that best suits your needs or the situation. If you opt for a quarterly subscription, you will be billed right away and sent your box. Every 3 months after, you will receive a prompt to pick new products we have curated for that season! On your personal Anniversary Renewal date, you will be shipped your handcrafted box. You may always cancel a quarterly subscription anytime before the next billing date as explained above (check the FAQ for the exact conditions required for a refund).

You must also determine if you will ship your box to the United States or Canada and select the corresponding box within the option you selected. If you select United States but you want to ship to Canada, you will be charged an international shipping fee of US $38.00 or CAD $50.00. So in order to avoid paying extra shipping fees, make sure you select the correct destination.

For international orders going to a destination other than the USA or Canada, you may choose either option depending on your decision to pay in US dollars or Canadian dollars. International flat shipping fees of US $38.00 or CAD $50.00.apply.

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